About Us

Pardis ceram pazh Company from Pardis Group Trading Complex, was launched in 2012 on an area of ​​۳۲ hectares with the participation of investors from China, using advanced machinery and technology in the world.

This factory prioritized the superior quality by obtaining the national standard of Iran in accordance with European standards ,entered the interior of the glazed tile production area, and since the October 2016, it has been producing glazed polished enamel granite.
The granite production of this factory was initially in two sizes 60 * 60 and 80 * 80 with the capacity of 15000 square meters per day and 5/400/000 square meters annually.

The placement of advanced and accurate calibrator machines on all of the second firing lines before the tiles
being completely sorted and mechanized,has resulted in the production of calibrated granite with tolerance MM-+0/2 in all grades. The presence of more than 60 Chinese expert in various technical and engineering categories has increased the ability of this company to compete with other similar manufacturers, while improving the quality and quantity of its products at a low cost for the matter of convenience ofconsumers. The employments of 400 Iranian personnel has helped many people of Neyshabur in the matter of finding job.